Innovative Martial Arts Programs

Innovative Martial Arts Programs

Energize your classes with innovative strategies that will keep you on the cutting edge of the industry. Increase your student retention by motivating them with ground breaking new programs that give them practical skills.


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Make Your Martial Arts Programs Modern and Relevant

Remain current and flexible enough to change when it's required with innovative ideas in order to survive. The martial arts industry has seen many fads and trends come and go over the years, but AMS has always found new ways to keep up and blaze new trails. We combine innovation with established ideas to pioneer new programs that get profitable results.

We pioneered the modern martial arts business model with our groundbreaking "Success In the Martial Arts Business" Program, we developed the Aerobic Self-Defense Program before Tae-Bo, created the after school martial arts program AMSkids and introduced the Enrollment Card to give school owners control of their growth. Each program revolutionized the industry and helped to skyrocket income for many schools. Our programs are always easy to implement, true to martial arts principles, and generate income.

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