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You'll enjoy the easiest way to get paid what you've earned. You'll sleep well at night, confident that our proven effective tuition management solutions, and highly trained, friendly but persuasive tuition specialists manage the business while you manage the art.

With No Enrollment Fees, No Monthly Minimums and No Hidden Fees. Put our entire team to work for you and your martial arts school!

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Spend time doing what you love

You can concentrate on teaching fantastic martial arts classes and providing great customer service, while we handle the headaches and hassles of being the bill collector. We all know that managing student contracts, chasing down expired credit cards, and following up on missed payments is time consuming, energy draining, and damaging to retention when you try to do it yourself. Your time is too valuable to invest poorly. Trust our highly trained and skilled staff members to make sure you receive the income you've earned.

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When a student's payment is late, you'll really appreciate having AMS on your team

Our professional account representatives use the most current technology and are trained in the most effective techniques. We are prompt and persistent in making sure that your payment is a priority to your students. Representatives communicate understanding, but are also firm in getting your students to pay their tuition, while keeping them focused on their martial arts training. You'll be the good guy as we resolve the problems.

Leave it to the professionals

AMS has a great reputation and real expertise in all aspects of managing student contracts. Get the most income in a timely fashion on all of your tuition agreements without the headaches. We do the data entry and phone calls to keep agreements met so you can focus on instruction, promotion, and management at your school. You'll have peace of mind knowing that your student tuition is accurately handled with the greatest care.

To make student payment convenient, we accept coupons, Electric Fund Transfers, and credit card payments. We can bill monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, or even weekly. One of our most effective recent additions has been our AMSePay site, where students can make secure payments 24/7 over the internet. One of our schools recently received an extra $2,000 in just one month in internet payments -- you could do even better.

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