Student Performance Tracking

Your Shortcut to Iron Clad Student Retention

You love your students. You love your art. But, why are your students dropping out before they achieve their goals?

The Atlas system will give you crystal clear vision into your students' progress, and arm you with all the tools you need to keep students truly engaged in your program, even when they are not physically "in" your school.

Atlas makes it simple to monitor every student's progress, and take action on potential hiccups in their attendance or motivation.

Do you know which one of your students need your attention today?

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Seting and attaining Martial Arts Goals

Track Progress and Celebrate Achievements

Tracking day-to-day student performance and behavior is the best way to bring out the potential of your students. Atlas's dynamic student tracking system makes it easy for you to make sure that every student stays on a path for success. With one mouse click, you will immediately know the progress, next step, and goals achieved for any student. Success is certain with Atlas.

"After I learned the Atlas System, I went from 50 to over 500 Students in about a year. If you want your school to grow, just follow the Atlas system. It works!"

Build Tremendous Loyalty

Gain exceptional student retention by keeping your students happy! Inspire and motivate students by helping them achieve goals like earning a black belt to build great loyalty.

Atlas quickly and easily allows you to track each student's performance level and see smaller attainments reached toward the ultimate prize. Celebrate these smaller steps via Facebook or Twitter to share the excitement of achieving martial arts mastery, all right within Atlas.

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Modern Times Require Modern Tools

Don't record student performance by hand, or worse, try to keep it in your mind. You can free yourself from paperwork by tip-testing and promoting the students in class on your tablet or smart phone, so you can cutback on expenses and wasted time. With almost no effort you'll know every student's goals, performance level and the next step to keep them happy and on track.

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