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Conquer Martial Arts Business with AMSmasterThe Ultimate Source for All the Martial Arts Marketing and School Building Tools You'll Ever Need.

You'll get fresh, engaging, completely "done for you" martial arts marketing promotions and campaigns for your school every month, along with the most practical tips and tools for management, and instruction to raise the bar on your school's enrollment, income and retention.

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Martial Arts marketing resources

Experience Greater Growth with Magnetic Marketing

Enroll more new students every single month with promotions and advertisements written by successful, professional copywriters, using proven "in the trenches" martial arts marketing strategies. Combined with our super talented graphic designers and web designers, we'll keep you on the cutting edge with changing market and business trends. Receive fresh promotions with eye-catching pictures and attractive headlines to give you the best low cost high impact promotions for rapid new enrollments in any economy.

Enjoy Peak Staff Performance with Practical Management

Bring out your staff's full potential with time tested, yet innovative management strategies every successful school should master. Experienced martial arts industry leaders provide advice and tips for the best practices necessary for high level school operation and to develop greater staff efficiency. Everything from how to create a favorable school environment to using telephone techniques to hiring and scheduling and MUCH more.

Double Your Enrollment Quickly with AMSmaster

Build Higher Retention with Innovative Instruction

Energize your classes and students with dynamic physical and philosophical martial arts instruction that creates life champions. The industry's leading martial arts business educator's team gives you the latest techniques, programs, and training to have the most advanced curriculum at your school. Utilize the top teaching methods and the best curriculum development principles to keep your students happy and coming back for more.

Get Business Success Secrets from Industry Leaders

Gain insights from the brightest business minds through our special audio and video interviews with the top professionals. Receive direction on unique marketing, management, and instruction ideas that always turn a profit, enroll large numbers of students, and build higher retention. You can listen to these experts from home, the office, or even on the go and take the success secrets from the pros who know.

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