Martial Arts Changed My Life

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Your Atlas martial arts school management software makes running your martial arts school feel almost effortless. Our POWERFUL automation engine eliminates typical human errors like forgetting appointments. Everything is in one system putting all of your martial arts school's information at your fingertips so you can easily set and track goals for enrollment, growth rate, and income. In addition, comprehensive reports can be quickly generated with student information like mailing addresses, contact numbers, attendance, email, photos, belt rankings and more. You will always be on top of everything with the simple mouse click or tap of the screen.

AmSOnline takes care of Scheduling your Social Media Posts

Organize All of Your Tasks and Appointments

Atlas martial arts software makes organizing the toughest schedules like child's play. Quickly and easily set schedules for appointments, events, classes, and staff. Prepare automated marketing campaigns for reaching new prospects and retaining current students. Avoid scheduling conflicts and forgetting appointments with built in notifications that will keep you on task. You will always have the confidence that things are in order.

Dynamic, up-to-the-minute, logical reports about your martial arts school right at your fingertips

Track Your Business Goals Easily

Once you set your goals for what you want your martial arts business to achieve, you can see how you're doing with a quick glance. In the Atlas martial arts school management software, you'll find comprehensive reports and graphs that give you laser sharp vision into your school's performance so you can easily see your efficiency or deficiency related to staff, resources, budget, enrollment, retention and income goals. Anytime you get off course, you will be alerted and given suggestions that will enable you to adjust in appropriate ways to reach your business goals.

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AmSOnline management software mobile apps

Convenient Mobile Apps

On the go you can add new clients quickly, tap any day for a list of appointments, or scroll to see what’s ahead. In the lobby you can have clients check in right on a tablet or phone and save updates. In class you can take attendance, tip test and promote instantly. Use the texting/SMS feature to improve communications to staff, students and even prospects. The Atlas martial arts school software handles your business in a mobile friendly and easy way.

AmSOnline lets you take class attendance easily on any device

Take Attendance the Easy Way

You can take student attendance in the most convenient way for your school. Perform "hands free" attendance taking where your students do it by bar code or fingerprint or check themselves in online manually. There are also iphone and android apps that allow you to check people in away from the front desk or computer. Of course, you can always resort to manually taking attendance on a computer at the front desk. Atlas martial arts software allows you to decide what works best for your particular situation.

Atlas takes care of Scheduling your Social Media Posts

Simplify Your Social Media Marketing

Create, track, and measure all of your marketing campaigns in one place. Easily automate your schedule for social media marketing efforts. With just a few clicks post videos and images, post status updates and promote events within the Atlas martial arts management software system. The Atlas software system is fully compatible with Twitter, FaceBook, email and texting features. If you are a social media junkie, you will love scheduling one month's worth of motivational and inspirational posts within minutes.

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Martial Arts Changed My Life

Born in war-torn Afghanistan, Master Foroughi made the heart-wrenching decision to leave his friends and family for a brighter future in Canada. It was his dream to become a martial arts master and open his own school. With the support of AMS, Master Foroughi made his dreams come true! Master Foroughi’s commitment to his dreams has allowed him to own and operate his school, Tiger Kim, for the past 8 years. Today, A. Shekib Foroughi operates 3 other locations in Toronto, Canada, and has 250 active students!

MAW: How have the martial arts changed your life?

ASF: Bruce Lee was very hot when I was in tenth grade, so I watched his movies repeatedly. Then I discovered my new passion - to learn those moves Bruce Lee performed beautifully on the screen. Eventually my cousin and I found a martial arts school, and started to train in the art of Tae Kwon Do. Having no relatives, friends, or money in Canada, it wasn’t an easy start. I started working at a pizza store, carpet store then driving a taxi to make a living and support my family back home. I admit that I had lost my focus for a while, got involved with the wrong group of people. After a while, I realized that I had never lost my passion for martial arts at any point of my life, and I thought it would be great if I would start training once again. I trained and studied hard about my art - which is Tae Kwon Do. After many years of dedication, I decided to have my own martial arts school.

MAW: You place a lot of emphasis on giving back to the next generation. How has your school influenced others?

ASF: The first and primary goal of our school is to develop life skills. Our exciting and well structured curriculum not only helps students acquire the techniques of martial arts, but also to develop mental toughness to reach her/his goal; confidence and character building as well as positive attitude. We have been working with many charity organizations like the Children’s Wish Foundation. I am very proud of my students that they have the sense of sharing with others.

MAW: What life philosophy have you gained from training in the martial arts?

ASF: The most important thing in life is having the right attitude, and humility. Everyone may love a winner but not everyone will agree or support a winner with a bad attitude. Once you have the right attitude, you are never without it. It is in your heart, and no one can take it away from you.

MAW: How has AMS benefited your school?

ASF: AMS gives me the freedom to do the things I love the most. My real passion is learning and giving back to students through teaching. Connecting and touching many people’s minds and hearts with a gift that martial arts has to offer. Without AMS, it would not be possible.

MAW: What materials in your monthly AMS Support help you most?

ASF: There are millions of ideas! We are very fortunate to be a part of such an organization that fully supports us.

MAW: What are some great business tips your marketing consultants at AMS provide?

ASF: What helps me the most is the gift certificate, VIP card, holiday promotions, birthday parties and movie night.

MAW: Why would you encourage others to join AMS to achieve business success?

ASF: AMS will give you the freedom that you need. Since AMS takes care of the billing, you can focus on your primary purpose - teaching and providing great services to the students. Plus, you get all the necessary tools - i.e. support packs that can help you become a successful martial arts school owner.

Call AMS today to find out how they can help your school! 1.800.275.1600