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Merchant Accounts

We can provide a Credit Card Merchant Account for You

Merchant Acoounts-AMS Martial Arts Billing
  • Recurring Payments
    Create recurring payment schedules for student tuition: weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly.

  • Auto Batching
    Set up your payment batches to run automatically each day.

  • Manual Batching
    Rather Run Batches Yourself? Ok, Set them to manual, if you like.

  • Robust Account Reports
    Get clear vision into your accounts receivable and payments collected.

  • Refunds, Holds, and Credits
    Need to refund a payment or give a student a credit? No problem.

  • Secure & Redundant Data Storage
    We handle all the security, backups, and technical "stuff" for you.

We even have a self-managed tuition billing option!

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