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Owning and running a martial arts school is a very challenging task. OurAMS Resource Center has everything you need to grow your school at your own pace. If you have any questions or comments please share, contact us or give us a call at 1-800-275-1600.

Double Your Income with AMSonline

Master Kirk Pelt is the industry’s leading expert on how to profit in a down economy by using a modern management system. He has successfully aided hundreds of school owners make the transition from outdated management techniques into the new era of automated school management that doubles your profits. Master Pelt explains why AMSonline is the key to go to the next level by modernizing your school management.


Martial Arts Changed My Life

Born in war-torn Afghanistan, Master Foroughi made the heart-wrenching decision to leave his friends and family for a brighter future in Canada. It was his dream to become a martial arts master and open his own school. With the support of AMS, Master Foroughi made his dreams come true! Master Foroughi’s commitment to his dreams has allowed him to own and operate his school, Tiger Kim, for the past 8 years. Today, A. Shekib Foroughi operates 3 other locations in Toronto, Canada, and has 250 active students!


The Secret to Success

Most of the martial arts masters I speak with on a daily basis became professional instructors because they wanted to share with others the benefits they had received from practicing the martial arts.

They remember the close bond they had with their own master, and the impact he had on their lives. They hope they can earn that kind of respect from their own students and have a similar effect on their lives.


More Students and More Money Fast!

AMS: Master Dubuque, why do you think AMSonline’s E-Card can bring hope to martial arts schools struggling during tough economic times?

MD: The E-Card is a fantastic opportunity for martial arts school owners to rapidly boost their enrollment and income every single month! It’s a promotional tool that has worked exceptionally well for us and other school owners despite the tough worldwide economic times.

AMS: Why do you think the E-Card from AMSonline is the most profitable new promotion in the industry?


Is Your School Management Smart?

The world you live in is going smart! There are smartphones, smart tools, smart systems, and smart cars. For example, Steve Jobs lead the development of the iPhone, which is a smartphone with advanced computing ability like its touchscreen functionality. A smart advance forces the competition to get smart or be left behind. In the same likeness, school owners in the martial arts industry must go smart in order to have success.


Four Skills Needed to Enroll More Students

You have a great service to provide that everyone in your community needs, so your school is in demand. The simple math shows, to enroll one hundred more students in one year’s time requires signing up about eight students each month - that’s only two students every week. Any school can accomplish this with the techniques in the AMS Sales Presentation Pack.