Our Mission

Spearheading the Advancement of Martial Arts Business

AMS exists for the purpose of professionally elevating the martial arts industry. Our primary focus is to help martial arts school owners achieve business success. We accomplish these goals by providing the kinds of services, products, and programs that bring real professional growth to any school owner who has the desire and commitment to be successful under the direction of our expert consultation.

We are commited to the martial arts industry because AMS was founded by and remains in business for martial arts school owners.

Our guiding principle is integrity which is expressed in our professionalism that makes every effort to do things the right way.

We strive to provide the highest level of quality in every service we deliver or product and program we create and recommend for use.

We are motivated by the exciting vision to see the martial arts industry in general and school owners in particular become highly influential in making the world a better place.



Our success depends upon providing martial arts school owners with the best possible advice and solutions. Solutions that will increase enrollment, extend retention and multiply income.



We focus on helping martial school owners
optimize their valuable time and resources.



We are continually updating our services in order to become more accessible, to be ahead of the technology curve, and to make your school management easier.

Continuous Innovation

We remain on the cutting edge of business technology to always help our members have an edge on their competition.

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