More Students and More Money Fast!
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AMS Shares Your Passion For The Martial Arts

. . . and applies it to your business

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Amerinational Management Services, Inc.

AMS is the leader in magnetic martial arts marketing, profitable martial arts programs, dynamic instruction, practical management and consultation for martial arts schools. Our experienced professionals have developed proven strategies to help school owners enjoy tremendous growth in their martial arts businesses.

Business Solutions

We provide the most practical and proven solutions in every area of your martial arts business including; powerful marketing, high quality tuition management, personalized business consultation and high level staff development strategies.

Innovative Technology

We pioneered the cloud based martial arts school management software and continue to lead the martial arts industry with Mobile Apps, Social Media integration, Marketing Automation, and SMS Text Messaging; you are making an investment in yourself and the future .

Dependable Support

You'll be "plugged into" industry experts focusing on management skills like inviting telephone techniques, persuasive sales strategies, long term retention tactics, instructional methods for exciting classes, and innovative ideas for after school martial arts programs.

More Students and More Money Fast!

AMS: Master Dubuque, why do you think AMSonline’s E-Card can bring hope to martial arts schools struggling during tough economic times?

MD: The E-Card is a fantastic opportunity for martial arts school owners to rapidly boost their enrollment and income every single month! It’s a promotional tool that has worked exceptionally well for us and other school owners despite the tough worldwide economic times.

AMS: Why do you think the E-Card from AMSonline is the most profitable new promotion in the industry?

MD: Our Martial Arts School sold 90 AMSonline E-Cards in just one week! So many new potential students translates into a lot of money!

AMS: It has been advertised that within a month, a school owner can double their enrollment with the AMSonline’s E-Card, is this true?

MD: Our school put the E-Card to the test and I would almost guarantee that any school that uses this promotion will have that kind of success! Just think―we got 90 new prospects in a week, that’s already one third of our enrollment. It’s a new student magnet!

AMS: There is also an ad that says the E-Card can double a school owner’s income, is this also true?

MD: The AMSonline’s E-Card can easily do that and probably a lot more! In fact, one school sold 2000 in a month, so imagine the potential income that could be generated. Any school owner's income could easily double!

AMS: How can the E-Card bring up your students’ loyalty?

MD: Students love the E-Card for two huge reasons. First, the promotion makes them feel like an important part of your school. Second, your students can make money with the E-Card promotion! This promotion brings your whole school closer together.

AMS: Why do you think a school should make use of AMSonline’s new E-Card as soon as possible?

MD: The sooner a school owner makes use of the AMSonline’s new Enrollment Card, the sooner he will have new students, more income, and more excitement at his school! Schools should use the E-Card before their competition does because it will give them a great advantage.

AMS: Will the E-Card bring the same kind of tremendous results to any style of martial arts school?

MD: Of course! The AMSonline E-Card can be used by any martial art style to double enrollment. It doesn’t matter if they teach Hapkido, Tae Kwon do, Karate, Kung Fu, or which ever style because it can be customized for any style!

AMS: How can a school owner take advantage of the E-Card today?

MD: By signing up or calling their AMSonline consultant now! Just ask how to get the E-Card and start doubling your enrollment and income every month!

AMS: Thank you Master Dubuque for your time and your generous input.

For more information on the E-Card call 1-800-275-1600 or go to .

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What Our Clients Say

  • Master Terrance Evins

    The kids really love the activities because it gives them something different every month. We get a new AMSkids pack every month with different games, a different focus, and it gives them something new to think about.
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